Dad, PHP specialist, golf enthusiast, web geek.

Lover of the Laravel PHP Framework. Working on always expanding my knowledge in web development.

About Me

David Mosher

I am David Mosher, a web developer who loves building websites using the Laravel framework and PHP in general.

I'm very fortunate to say that my wife of almost ten years, Rebecca, and my son, Blake, are very loving and supportive of me and my obsession with everything web. If I'm not spending time with them at a water park, hiking or simply playing in the yard, I'm probably out on the golf course, tennis courts or maybe at the bowling alley.

I have been utilizing a computer in some sort since I was eight years old entirely thanks to my Dad. Because of him, I was able to dive head first into programming, and eventually the web, at a young age. As a result I was able to develop a web site from the ground up before hitting high school.

This site serves first and foremost as my platform to write stuff about web development. Secondarily it serves as my vehicle to play around with things in Laravel. Thanks for stopping by!